Can anyone review my story pleaseeeee?

I really would like a review on my brand new story since it’s my first ever, and I want to know if it’s enjoyable or how I could make it enjoyable if not.

Title: Hale Huna
Author: Anonymous Author
Desc: Kendall’s dad decides to move her and her brothers to Hawaii. She soon discovers she has the key to a world beyond her imagination…and secrets about who her mother really is…
Cover: cover

I would appreciate a honest review and your overall opinion on if you would read it if I hadn’t asked you to. Anyone up for it? Please let me know!


I will read it. Im never actually on the episode app lol

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Thanks, could you DM the review on instagram?
My account is @anonymousauthor1

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I don’t have Instagram but I can PM you if you’d like

Great, thank you! When will you start?

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Right now! :grinning:

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Thanks for reading and have a good day :sunglasses: