Can Anyone Review My Story?

HI!! So, I am currently working on a story, and I need someone to review the 1st chapter.

Title: Chained Love

Description: Camila is a cop by day and a stripper by night. But when a top-ranked assassin sets his eyes on her, all hell breaks loose. *CC

PLEASE be honest when giving me feedback. You won’t hurt my feelings. Anyone is free to review it and give me feedback!

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I’m reading it now

There is an error in your script. I can’t start it :frowning:

I fixed it! Sorry, I had typed in an overlay that was still in review

No problem, I’ll read it tomorrow :slight_smile:

So… I think it’s good, but a little short… :thinking::sweat_smile:

Yea, I’m still working on the first chapter :joy:

Okay :sweat_smile: yeah it’s not easy. I worked 2 month on my first three chapters :joy:


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