Can anyone send me a screenshot of this scene?

i don’t know how it works.
@cut to zone 2 AND zoom on 559 394 to 125% in 0
@ETHAN changes into ETHAN_kid1
@ETHAN spot 0.722 210 210 in zone 2 AND ETHAN faces left AND MRS WALKER spot 0.821 147 187 in zone 2 AND MRS WALKER faces right AND MRS WALKER is laugh_giggle_pose AND ETHAN is laugh_chuckle_pose
(i need to make a photoframe out of it.)

this is how MRS WALKER looks like.
outfit for MRS WALKER
Beauty Mark Mole Cheek
Lock Necklace Metal Gold
Wedge Espadrilles Cloth Tan
Mia Scalloped Outfit Cotton Orange

and this is how Ethan
outfit for ethan
Long Stockings Canvas Shoes Canvas Blue Oxford
Hooded Button Up Shirt Chambray Blue Stripe
Ripped Knee Rocker Jeans Denim Cool Grey

You just need to preview the story on your phone/tablet and take a screenshot :thinking:

but many options come up like navigation,spot directing, camera and other stuff

Click on navigation -> hide debug elements of hud

ohhh okay lol thanks i didn’t knew this. i’m kinda dumb.

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