Can anyone suggest male character stories?




I really love The Dark Prince by Nis. It’s in The Dark Prince’s POV.
The author also made Annabelle, which is in the female love interest’s POV


I have one you might like…
One of the Girls by amberose
I also know some really great ones by others…
Welcome to the Amazon Forest by XxAlphaBetaxX
Zero to Hero or The Pregnancy Curse by Dr Smile
Equality by Amanda Michele (you have a choice to play as a male)
The Next Stag by Lisa P
Challenge Accepted by Annie Edison


The Baddest Boy Who Ever Bad Boy’d (I think that’s the name)


the bad boy game is amazinggg


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Hey so like my story isn’t fully male character because the other MC is a girl but you get to be both of them. it’s not romance btw :stuck_out_tongue:


The blank page by Janna Valentina