Can anyone suggest me a story title? (CLOSED)

Hey guys. I am a very bad at names. Can anyone suggest me a title for my my new story. I will surely credit you.
Here’s a short summary:
Ayesha is a famous fashion designer. Her boyfriend, Siddharth loves her wholeheartedly…and she is his whole world. He thinks there can be no one better than her and overlooks the faults in her. While in a trip Siddharth reaches an unknown place where he finds another girl named Ayesha who looks the same like his girlfriend but her attitude is completely different. She is the most sweetest girl one has ever met. What happens after? After a few months, the modern Ayesha goes in search of him and reaches the place where Siddharth is…what happens when she meets them together? Well, that’s the story for Season 2! Meanwhile I cannot think the Title of this story.
Plz if anyone can help me.

Thank You,

Does he fall in love with the girlfriends look a like?

Cause you could do
My girlfriend’s doppelgänger


The same faces

I suck at this as well


Not sure if what I am going to suggest are any good but brainstorming for titles is always fun. :joy:

Twice Smitten
Girlfriend Replica
Love Replica
Parallel Love
Parallel Hearts
Perfect Double
Love Double
Double Love
Double Date
Double Desire
Double Delight
Love Divide
Divided Love
Love Clone
Double Torn
Duplicate Love
Love Duplicates

The Inside - A part taken from the quote “It is what’s on the inside that counts”
Meaning that they both may be pretty but it comes down to their personality

P.S I really like the suggestions from @quixote.chic especially Parallel Love

Love, Sky


I think Trapped In Between would be good?

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Splitting image



I love that quote. :heart_eyes: It has a beautiful message and holds a lot of truth.

And thank you so much. :sweat_smile: Glad to know they sound somewhat decent. :rofl:

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Thank U all for ur suggestions…I think these 2 titles are suitable-

  1. The Inside
  2. Parallel Hearts
    So, which one do u all suggest?

I would say Parallel Hearts, it’s intriguing and sorta mysterious in a way :smile: :slight_smile:


My whole world… or not

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I’ll have to say Parallel Hearts even though I’m betting against my own title… I believe it would go along nicely with your amazing plot.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S If you end up publishing, be sure to let me know, I’d love to give it a read!

Love, Sky x


**Okay so guys, I have decided thetitle. It will be Parallel Hearts. It goes with the story well and many people including me seem to like the title. The Inside was also very good but Parallel Heart seem to be little more appealing. Thank U all for taking out time and thinking a title for my story. Hope u all have a good day. And @quixote.chic plz tell me your Insta so I can give you credit in my story.

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Tysm @Skyrose sure to let you know when it will be published. Still writing 2nd episode. After finishing third I’ll publish.

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No worries, Sweets! Can’t wait x

Oh my! :sweat_smile: The Inside is great too, especially with the beautiful quote in place.


:sweat_smile:Thank you so much for considering Parallel Hearts. I’m glad that I could help. I’m also happy to hear that you found it meaningful. All the best for your story.

In regards to my IG, it’s @quixote.chic :hugs: