Can anyone Summarize Content guidelines?! I have specific question!

Hello there!
I have read guidelines few times, but I am a bit confused with what can be added to the story and what to avoid especially with violence related!
I don’t know if someone has already made similar post, if post is available it would be great if you linked it down!
I have started writing fantasy stories, witch to be specific which has these dark magic ritual scenes, and bit of attacks… with that comes a bit of bloody scenes.

So can anyone explain How much of violence can be shown in the story?
And what all to avoid as well?

Thankyou for your attention :hearts:


But it would be great if you can summarize general guidelines as well, It will helpful for beginners like me!

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check this thread out.


u don’t need to add too much blood. Just use a smaller amount of it.


Thankyou! :grin:

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