Can anyone tell me how to make this type of art right here?

I have ibis paint x but this looks really realistic. What type of art is it and how do I create it? ANYONE WANT TO HELP ME OUT?

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Actually you could create an art piece like that with ibis paint. It takes a lot of time and good layer management (if you have too many layers at the same time ibis paint starts lagging).
But pieces like that are often drawn on a computer with a drawing tablet (either a pen tablet, or a display tablet from Wacom or Huion or so) and a drawing sowftware like photoshop/ paint tool sai/ fire alpaca/ krita etc etc.


What she said ^
It’s lineless digital art. Draw a pencil sketch, build layers of colour and shading, don’t draw any defining lines. Shadows and highlights. Keep colour layers seperate.