Can anyone tell me the sound names for these situations?

Hey Everyone!!
Can someone tell me music names for the following situations (I know I could just test out every music but it will take so much time and I need them ASAP…)


  1. An intense situation
  2. An exciting situation (maybe like entering in a story or something like that)
  3. Just some normal music relaxing tune (no upbeat music though)
  4. A ball music (Music played during a ball)
  5. Or of any situation that you can think of…
    6. Crashing waves (ocean waves)
    7. A sad music

I’ll be updating the post if I need another type of situation music…
Thank you in advance…
Have a nice day/night…:grin::grin::grin:

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For a ball I would say:


Thanks :relaxed::relaxed:

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For tense, I’d say music_mischief.

Thank you…