Can anyone tell me what the beginning of my story should be?


Hi guys, I just started my story, I have the art, the plot. But I can’t seem to be able to figure out with beginning of my story should be! Here’s the summary:

Opal, Amelia, Maryelle, Gracia, and Isabella, were your normal girls. But something strange happened when they found out something big. They changed. Because they were feeling love. But when they get sucked into a world where fairies exist, and they are the chosen ones, what will they do, to come back to their reality?

  • There are multiple points of views.
  • I want to start from Opal, who is moving to Maine, where she enrolled to a prestigious school.
  • I don’t want to start from their future selves.

If anyone can give me a good story start with this information, that’d be very helpful!


You don’t always have to start a story with a narration. It sometimes bores the readers. What I think is interesting is that you start with Opal waking up from her bed by the alarm clock, dress up and do morning stuffs, and show her normal life in the beginning.


Thank you, I’ll be sure to try that!


I agree with Olivia2003, narration sometimes bores a reader and starting from the future may confuse the reader if it isn’t executed properly. A pilot should set up the story so that the plot can thicken and you can start adding twists and turns which means maybe giving a view of the characters and what they are like before this massive life changing event so the reader can live through it with them and understand why they react in the way they do. By showing her waking up, dressing and doing normal stuff with other people it establishes personality and relationships.


Thanks, now I can finally start writing my story! :blush:


If you need any more help, just ask, I normally check the forums at least once every 24 hours so if you want any more advice for anything (plot, code, etc) just ask or PM me :grin:




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