Can anyone turn this into night

I have a scene where my MC sneaks into a bakery at night and I found the perfect background but I was hoping someone could turn it into night with all the lights off and if someone can tell me who the owner of this is or if it’s a free one?


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I’ll do it!

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Thank you!!

Are you happy? I mean it’s not the best, but that’s what I can do.
No need to credit me tho if you’re gonna use it!

It’s perfect, thank you so much!

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No prob!

Arent that one of those exclusive episode ones we are not allowed to use?

Not really sure, it was posted under a background thread

We aren’t allowed to use it. :joy::sweat_smile::sob:

But they approved it :sob::sob:

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Now… I’m confused

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Same :persevere:

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