Can anyone turn this night bg into day please?

hello! :fairy:
I would love to use this background but I need it in day.


if anyone can make it for me I would highly appreciate it! I will also give credit!

gave it atempt but its not that good

Is this background on episode :thought_balloon::thought_balloon: ?
I’ve never came across this one

yes. its the EXT. CAMPUS BAR OL - NIGHT

thank you for taking the time to try! I was hoping someone could make it look like one of the reg daytime ones.

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Ohhh thank u … I might try to make it a day one
U can check out my other Backgrounds if you’d like
Nd I’ve converted some episode Backgrounds to day/night
U can credit me using my Instagram handle epii.jessica💕

I’m attempting this, so far it’s coming along okay. The issue of course is all of the lights that are out at night, the windows mainly. They’re pretty annoying to darken and make look decent.

If you want to use this as is, go ahead. But, I’d like to do some more work to try and darken all the windows and the outside lights. It takes a lot of reconstruction of the map. It would actually be a lot easier to make a night time version because it’s mainly additive.

oh wow, thank you so much! I’ll wait, no rush.