Can anyone who's from Italy and/or speaks Italian help me with some translations and dialogue?

There are some scenes in my LDR contest story that take place in Rome and, in one scene, one of the main characters is supposed to be speaking Italian with another character who is Italian and I want to make sure it’s all accurrate.

Also, I don’t know what exactly is the emergency number people call in Italy (like for an ambulance or the police) and I don’t know what an operator who’d usually pick up the phone for the emergency number would say in Italy so if anyone could help me out with that, that would be great!


@MatchaTae is Half Italian. I believe she can help you :blush:

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Hi I can help!
If you send me the text I can check it for you after school.

I’m from Italy, but not from Rome. Language varies in Italy according to region/city and social groups. So for an accurate portrayal of Italian language in Rome I’d ask @starscriptor who is from there.

As for emergency numbers, I believe the whole of Europe now uses 112 for any kind of emergency. However, I know that 118 should still work in Italy for health-related cases (where an ambulance would be needed).

Unfortunately, not having first-hand experience with this I can’t really say for sure. Best if you ask in our shop linked here~


If you need I can help!