Can Code, Edit and Proofread, Write, and Beta Read

If you have a story idea but cannot grasp coding, I can do it for you for a reasonable price, in consideration to your budget.

With my background as an editor, I can also beta read, proofread, and edit any grammatical or coding errors you may have. I also have subscriptions for photo (cards or images within an episode) and video editing (sneak peaks or trailers) softwares to ensure premium quality for graphic edits.

I am just a college student that wants to put my skills to monetary use. Let me prove it by sending me a message (either on here or my Instagram handle) and I can assure you that your ideas will be done accordingly.


Hi I will love for us to be partners I really need help with basically everything coding, editing and you can come up with ideas yourself if you want I have a lot in mind for my story and I want it out soon as possible please text me on my Instagram account at alien_princess19

I m sorry… But I feel like I have seen ur thread like 3-4 times in last one day… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Are uh recreation ur topic or what?? I am so confused right now

Oh okay good luck

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Just checking, as a background creator myself, have you asked those creators who you have purchased backgrounds or drive access from, if they are willing to allow this?
Because many, myself included, have rules in place that the purchaser only, has permission to use the backgrounds, that they aren’t to be shared with other people etc.
In this instance, you may be coding the story, but it’s not for your use, it is for the other person’s use, and you’re being paid for it.

Technically speaking, you are then depriving these creators of having people purchase their drives or content, and earning off it yourself.


I agree the background creators work really hard.
And we have a set of rules to follow.



Thank you for expressing your concern. I understand the ethical concern of my method of service, but fortunately so far, I have not had to use paid creators’ assets to code the stories commissioned of me to.

When someone does express interest in doing so, I intend on either directing them to the creator first so they can purchase the assets themselves or I will make sure to ask the creator first if their creation can be used for my intended purpose.

I will clarify now that me mentioning drives I have purchased is for me to spot direct correctly should they be interested in using a creators’ backgrounds.


Thank you for clarifying your intent.
From your original post, that was rather unclear. But so long as the creators are aware, and have given permission before use then that’s okay.

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