Can headscarf be used for this?

My story depicts one of the characters recovering from full-body burns, and the only clothing that somewhat resembles compression garments is the Headscarf Wrap. Would it be inappropriate to use a headscarf in this way in my story? If so I won’t use it, please let me know :heart: Thank you!


I think it’s alright :blush:


I see that you’re using it for a character that’s all bandaged, and I say it works.


I asked a few people on instagram & they suggested not to use it, thank you guys for commenting :sweat_smile::heart:

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You actually gave me an outfit idea. Could you give me the full details for this outfit?

On an unrelated note I’d love to read your story when you’re finished. Never seen a story featuring a burn victim before

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just wondering why? :thinking:


That feels like Deja vu: I used the same model of headscarf but in black paired up with a black mask or a hazmat mask to emulate balaclavas.

A headscarf can be worn by any people. I believe they’re different from hijabs, as most hijabs worn by Muslims from where I live (and mostly on all sorts of media), they don’t wrap around the neck of the wearer this tight. It’s usually loose, although some may choose to pin the lower fabric closer to their face according to their preferences.

Perhaps the people on IG that told you not to use it confused this for the headscarfs. In my opinion, you’re good to go.

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