Can I add one tappable overlay?

Hi, Everyone! Can I add one tappable only? Will a single tappable make a script error while playing the game?

It shouldn’t

Ok, I will try :blush: I am afraid one tappable will work in the previewer, but not during actual game. For instance, sometimes with spot directing I get the right directing scene in the previewer, but in the app sometimes it is not the same, basically the kissing or hugging scenes… the characters appear in the wrong position in the actual gaming.

Do you preview your scenes only on the website (where you code) or do you also make sure before releasing to check everything in the creator tab in the app? If you don’t preview your story in the app (before releasing chapters), I recommend doing so; it will help you spot any glitches and also determine whether or not tappable overlays work.

And yes, you can actually use only one tappable overlay and it doesn’t affect the script or stop it. Just make sure to inform readers that there is tappable overlay and where they should tap (if it’s not obvious).

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I usually check the app before releasing, but the very first game I released, i can not check the app because it reached max amounts of replays,i was new and didn’t know i can play my own game without replaying

I use ‘else’ to drop down a reader message if they tap where the tappable isn’t just to tell them what to do. Then a ‘goto’ to restart the tappable section.


You can always review your story in „create” tab. It’s where all your stories are and tutorials. You don’t need to replay your live story, just go to the app and tap on create and it will show your works; there you don’t have to publish chapters to see them, they will be there without publishing… so if you work on chapter that is not published yet you can see it that way and compare to the portal. It’s useful tool. :smiling_face:

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Thanks for the tip :innocent:

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