Can I ask some reviewers?


So, I made a Book Shop. Simple format. But some people completely ignored it and copied and past their already made advertisement. So i wantetd to ask people that own Shops, Review Grouos And such: Does it bother you when people ignore your format?


I have a review thread, but I never specified a format because I knew if I did and people didn’t follow it, it would drive me insane. So instead I have one heck of a messy thread and it just is what it is…


Thanks for your input!
I find it very rude that people do that. You’re taking your precious time to look at their story but, they don’t even read your original comment.


Yeah :woman_shrugging: On my thread, I only said “drop your story details down below”, so I can’t complain that they’re not following the format. But the copy-pasted ads your talking about are kind of annoying - it makes the person requesting seem in-genuine and like they’re only trying to get reads. I’m not surprised when I don’t ever hear back from them, even after I post their review


I’m a reviewer, and yes. Actually, I purposely add more information to the review format than needed. While it’s annoying when people don’t follow the outline, it’s more organized, and it helps me know who took a few minutes to read the thread, so I have a better sense of who the author is. When people copy and paste without reading the rules, it feels like they only want reads.

To all authors reading this: Respect reviewers. They could be doing anything right now, but they’re choosing to because to take their precious time to help you. Their reviews may draw readers into or avoid your story altogether, and how you interact with reviewers may be how readers perceive you.