Can I ask y'all a personal question?

How the hell do you healthily grieve over the death/loss of a pet?


I cried.

After a couple weeks. Why? Did your pet die? Mine died a year ago. He got hit by a car. RIP Charlie :frowning:

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Aww, it’s okay. My other dog went missing a couple months ago and we haven’t found him since. My friend says she keeps seeing him at her house (which is not far away from mine) but my parents say he doesn’t. We live in a small countryside where everyone knows eachother (mainly) and there is another dog that goes around to other houses (including ours) so it could be just him. He was a stray, so my brother said that strays are too ashamed to let their owners see them die (because they looked after them and cared for them so much) so they run away and hide in a closeted place to die. So was your cat a stray?

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Was she acting any strangely lately?

I understand what it feels like to lose someone you cared about-the pain is unbearable!
Give it a few days, though.
It’s natural to be upset for a few days; it’s a reaction to something bad that happens to us.
Please know, we are here for you if you ever need to talk.

In the meantime, you could try to occupy yourself doing things you love.

I hope you find your cat-and even if you don’t, please don’t spiral into a depression.

I remember when I lost something really dear to me-I was so depressed for a week, but eventually the pain and upsetting feelings faded. I’ve also seen my parents lose things that were special to them, but hey, it happens-when it does, it sucks : (

But, never stay depressed!

It will get better and it’s OK to grieve-just not for too long.


Getting over a loss of a pet (or someone beloved in general) is a very complex process and not easy at all. I suggest that you don’t forget your pet, but you should relive the good and awesome and loved memories you made with your pet. A pet is like a best friend! And should be treated and remembered like one!
You may feel guilty for the death of your pet, “What if I had done this? What if I had done that?” But, death is a natural process. You can’t stop it no matter what!
And then comes sadness for the loss of your beloved pet, regret that you could’ve somehow saved your pet, anger that life is unfair, anxiety that life is a b***h and would never be better anymore…and most of all, pain.
I think it should be better to find a distraction. And its NOT in the form of self-harm, substance abuse, violence etc! (I don’t think your pet would like that very much…) Take out time with your friends. Join a reading/sports/charity club. Make a hobby. Hell, even write a new story on Episode! :yellow_heart:
I know that it may be very hard to tolerate the pain, but its just another obstacle that life throws on your way. You need to push your way up, or else life would keep pushing you down!
If you’d like to further talk to me about it, you’re free to PM me anytime! :two_hearts:

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  2. I think it does stop after little bit, you just have to accept its gone and move on. My cat died 2 years ago, it was pretty sad. But it’ll be ok. You just have to accept it.

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I’m so sorry for your loss. :broken_heart: I lost my beloved guinea pig last year. She passed as I was petting her and crying out my goodbyes. When I say I was a wreck for a good 6 months afterwards, I mean it. I really was an absolute mess. My OCD spiraled out of control, my depression worsened, and I became really anti-social. It was a horrible time.
What I would say is to allow yourself to grieve. Let yourself cry, scream, wallow. Talk it out with your family or friends. Write how you feel in a notebook. Try not to suppress anything, because that often times just makes it worse, but also try not to let it consume you like it did me.
Basically, just give yourself time. There’s no “getting over” a death. You just learn to accept it, and then you move on. I know that sounds a little cold and borderline impossible, but it’s true. I can now look back at my guinea pig with a smile on my face, whereas before I could barely think about her without crying. I can talk about my dog (she passed away 2 years ago) without feeling like I’m going to collapse.
Grieving is a process. Healing takes time. Just be kind to yourself as you get through this.
Also, I don’t know where you live, but where I am, there are animal shelters that offer grieving classes for people who have lost their pets. Unfortunately, I didn’t take the opportunity to attend one, but I kind of wish I would’ve. If I were you, I’d maybe look into doing something like that if you feel like it would help.
Take care. :revolving_hearts:


just cry it all out, you can never fully not be upset about it, but eventually you won’t cry out of nowhere

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honestly i think you should just cry it out. i never lost a pet but i have lost family. my grandpa died when i was 7 but i had no idea what it meant but sometimes when i think about him i just cry and regret all the things i didnt do with him


Even though this post was made 25 days ago, I hope things are alright with you now and I’m sorry for your loss. I can honestly understand where you’re coming from, losing a pet is like losing a family member tbh. I had this rabbit (my aunt gave me), it was a girl, she had black fur with white spots and she was also big and kind of old.

I loved her so much. She was literally an angel to me but in an animal form. I remember I would always pick her up and kiss her on her little forehead and she would sometimes jump up on my bed and I’d cuddle her.

3 years later, she passed away due to old age and I honestly felt this overwhelming sadness washed over me. Like this big chunk of me left and I didn’t know what to do with myself anymore. I would cry whenever thinking of her because I just missed her presence (I still do) and had some sleepless nights.

Then a year or two later, when me and my family felt ready we adopted a cat. I was kind of happy but it was difficult for me to face it for some time. Then I realized I wasn’t trying to replace the animal because I wanted to provide love and care like it’s another sibling to look after. I just didn’t want the grief to stop looking for love in animals.

Look, I don’t think there’s a certain time where you move on from a pet’s death. The pain just seems to never fully diminish and it’s just not easy to forget about it. You may find yourself thinking about it months (even years) but that is completely okay. It just shows that you loved the pet. Don’t ever let anyone tell you to move on or to “get over it”, you are allowed to grieve as much as you want.

I reccomend you reading Rainbows Bridge if you haven’t, it’s a beautifully written poem about pets and I think it’s just nice to read. Just try distracting yourself whenever you can, reach out help from the people you trust and IF you ever consider adopting a pet i think you should do it ONLY when you feel ready. Don’t rush take your time.

I hope things are okay with you now and I wish you the best

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We all deal with loss in different ways. My very first dog died 9 years ago and my family and I just sat on the stairs for some time and talked things through.
We got another dog a few weeks later and now, unfortunately she’s been diagnosed with cancer and the vet can’t do anything about it. It’s all a matter of time.
I can feel that it’s a little different this time because I’m much older and when the time comes and my dog passes away, I know for sure that I will cry and be sad, maybe shortly, maybe for a long time. No matter what, you’re allowed to grieve for as long as you need to until you feel like you’re ready for something else.

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