Can I be Open & Honest with you guys? How reddit detroyed my mental health! #VulnerabilityPostHere So short story

I made the unwise decision to sign up for an account in order to join the episode sub-reddit (beforehand, an author advised me not to do so; she told me it would take away my passion to be a writer, and I should have listened). As an aspiring writer, it made me actually lose my joy and creativity to even write or create things like backgrounds and stories, and I was only on there for 2 months. Seeing how authors who do nothing but be nice get completely bashed, for example, Bronte the Writer, Meesza, and Melia the Episode, & Jasmine Lilac, people who do absolutely nothing but uplift others get bashed, it’s ridiculous at this point. It drained the fck out of me mentally and emotionally by constantly bringing up an author’s past, for example, @helistories or @cindystories. WHO CARES?! It’s in the past, it’s over and done with, they should just forgive, let go of the past, and move on; being constantly reminded of others pasts like they’re not capable of doing the same thing is beyond frustrating. So I deleted it. It saddens me because I WANT to write and create, but when you have all of these people complaining and nagging about stupid things like an author’s limited or same-face CC or an art scene that they have absolutely no control over, like, who the fck are you to tell an author what they shouldn’t or should have in their story? Get over it! It’s their story, for God’s sake! Now, some of you may like Reddit; for me, I can’t stand it, so I got rid of it. Hopefully I get out of this funk sometime soon and get back to creating, but hey, this is how I feel about Reddit. I have to ask What do you think about Reddit?


I’m not trying to disrespect anybody, This is just what happened to me after being on Reddit.


I had the same trouble with reddit. I was obsessed with it, but the users are just cruel sometimes. I felt frequently embarrassed by their rude comments. I’ve had the feeling of loosing hope with creating and writing. If it helps, it got better for me and I became so passionate again (and I didn’t need the help of stupid Reddit). Reddit has turned into a place where mean, annoying people can hide behind a screen and tell others off for no reason.


Thank God I’m not the only person who feels this way, thanks for your advice, love.

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You’re welcome.

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I joined reddit awhile back because a friend of mine kept showing me funny memes and amusing story screenshots from there and it just seemed like a fun place to be. I did enjoy the platform for awhile, but I decided to distance myself from it for the same reasons that you deleted it.
Reddit is a cesspool of complaints, hate, criticism and judgment.

Now, I’m not discounting that there are genuine posts on there and that some users show appreciation and respect but the vast majority of the sub is negative from my experience.

I keep reddit because I’d like to advertise my stories on as many platforms as I can whenever they’re ready for release and I also like helping people who need it, but for the most part, I don’t enjoy being on there.


One thing about reddit is that it’s utterly unsupervised, meaning that all kinds of content, comment and replies can pop up without repercussions.
That’s supposed to be a good thing, but humans aren’t always nice to their peers :joy: :skull:

If there’s anything I’ve learnt being inside of an online community: beware of toxic people or groups. If you come across one, just ignore them and don’t join the conversation. It’s hard not to defend the writers that are being victims of the keyboard warriors there, but sometimes some people are just out there to make people’s life worse.

I’ve met my fair share of rude people on the internet, among two of them are from the forums, so to be fair, these people are all over the place. Reddit is sort of like that: There are good things, but the bad are present too.


To be honest after I read all your comments above, I am so glad I only have Instagram and Facebook (I don’t do other social media, because that will become too much for me at the moment.) Instagram can be dramatic enough, so, my decision to keep yourself distant from social media is the right one. I am not saying stop using social media, but beware what you add into your account. Never show your real face or private stuff on social media, only post about your story and if someone wants to see my real face I will send it by DM under the warning that I don’t want it on the front-page (but real friends don’t harm you). What I try to say is on every social media platform are drama-creators, trolls and creeps. Try to avoid them and only add episode accounts to your account. And if you need some more advice or need to talk, PM me over here (or DM me at IG @angelwings_1983).

Love A-W


I stay off of ALL of that stuff. People will either read my stories or they won’t. They’ll like my stories or they won’t. But I’m going to writr for me and put something I’m proud of out there.


@stinestories exactly!! :heart: For me IG and Facebook only helps to promote my stories, post about my stories and to support other authors, but for the rest I ignore the drama and avoid dramatic people.


Your handle looks familiar but I’ve met a lot of people. And I will say 95% of episode writers and users are amazing and supportive.
Find me on ig @stine_stories and we’ll make episode a beautiful place!


That’s what I’m going to do, thank you for telling me all I need to do is write for myself that made me feel a whole lot better.


I love hearing that! Your story is for YOU first. :heart:


Im kinda glad ive mever been a social media person lmao. I do have reddit for episode but i barely go on there. I have seen exactly what youre talking anout though. I didnt know who heli is but i saw them mentioned on literally almost every post :joy: i thought it was a current event tbh, not something that happened months/years ago. Episode aside, ive noticed reddit is a place where ppl feel free to express the worse side of themself without shame. Ive seen some pretty degenerate stuff by simply scrolling in passing. It kinda reminds me of the comment sections of youtube shorts :skull: but ig thats just the thing with anonymity :woman_shrugging:


Out of all social media apps, Reddit is the absolute WORST. But I stay away from them all.


There was a time I used reddit for my depression, health issues, etc…they all have been quite helpful, i solved my back pain issue, helpful sentences, supporting words…but…after some time no one was commenting on my posts…someone called me narrow-minded…after some more time i was unable to post in sub-reddits(all saying u are not allowed to post text…or image) and one day just woke up and my Reddit account suspended…why i dont know…even if i wanted to post on Reddit to gain views, I couldn’t. Life is like that, it makes something stop working for us


Well…I’ve been in the episode sub-reddit for months now and so far, I’m quite fine and it’s still activated — must be because I’ve already shattered my own self esteem and mental health before so no one can haha (that was a joke; sorry if it’s dry and unfunny). A little bird told me that ONLY go through that reddit for entertainment purposes or for venting because that’s all the garbage nuisance stuff goes to, but if you want real advices, a supporting community, and - even just slightly - more positive people, you go here. So far with that mentality, everything’s been fine with me; obviously I’ve encountered some mean comments and posts in Reddit but I try not to get involve much cause it’s a lose-lose situation. It’s actually pretty wise that you deleted your account since it can get tiring from time to time. Hope you’re doing okay these days, take care of yourself and don’t pressure on doing anything too much on you. :blush:


Awww, Thank you & Your Welcome. Btw Welcome to the community.

Aww, Thank you for this, Welcome to the community. I’m taking a bit of a break and Idk when I’ll be back but I’ll be back.

I enjoy reddit. Maybe it’s because I’m a hater at heart. (This is a joke.) The toxicity is annoying at times, but sometimes people do bring up valid points. Idk, I guess I just don’t take things like that seriously anymore.

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