Can I code from a tablet that has a attachable keyboard for coding?

Summary of what happend

Hey so I spilled chocolate milk all over my laptop, and in an attempt to dry it I took off some keys that had got the milk in them, they were easy to remove and popped right back in. then I remembered the milk also got in the power off/on button on the keyboard, so very reluctantly I took off the key and cleaned it, then it didn’t pop back on when pressed, I tried everything, and I mean literally everything! It pops back on from one side, the other side is not fixing in.


I cried a lot, I’m shaken, I know a professional can fix this but I watched some vids, and apparently, if you spill anything sugary in the laptop it just is guarantied to break or shut off in a few weeks, and even if a go to a professional to get this fixed and the motherboard cleaned, I just can’t risk it cuz the professionals in my area are not that good and end up doing more harm than good.

So because of that lil prob, I am thinking about switching to a Samsung s6 like with their keyboard. so is it possible to code properly with a tablet+keyboard? Will it turn out correctly or will it present errors like with a phone, and just in general the pros and cons of switching to a tab+keyboard from a laptop.

If you have any advice on how to fix this problem of the key please help me! and any/every advice is appreciated

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Yes you can code fine in a tablet since I’ve done it before, before using laptop. I used to code in a tablet with a keyboard, I use Samsung Galaxy tab S6 lite and a wireless keyboard, including a wireless mouse too. Its good but it is still best to use laptop, I’m sorry if its not much of a help. I hope you fix your laptop soon.

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thank you so much honey!

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