Can I delete an Episode?

So I accidentally made a new episode or chapter before finishing the chapter I’m working on. Then when I go into the app it shoots me to the new episode I created.
Is there a way to delete it or how do I fix it?


If you haven’t touched the episode at all you should have the option to delete it.

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Oh my gosh! I remember doing this with my first ever story the vampires next door. I accidentally hit new episode and couldn’t delete it! If you can’t actually delete it then you can write the other part of episode 1 in episode 2 and then copy it from 2 and paste it into episode 1 that’s what I had to do but if you can delete it then you can do so!


That happens to me where I accidently create a new episode. Don’t worry too much over it, you can remain on the current episode you’re working on using this trick:

And it’s up to you to decide how many chapters you want to publish. You need at least 3 to publish but say if you work on the 4th and accidently create a 5th you can just publish 4 and leave the 5th until much later once it’s completed and ready to be published.

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Thank you! You’re a life saver lol! :joy:

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no problem! It’s just what I had to do so I know your welcome for helping!

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