Can I do a customize looks template for the Episode Classic style?


So I’ve been working on an old story I made a while back, and I want the character to have the choice to customize the two main characters. The only problem… I only see the customize templates for Ink & LL. So that brings me to the question, is there such template for the classic version?


Id think so.


The classic style doesn’t have any customization.


Also you should try writing in another style most people won’t read stories that are classic :sweat_smile:


If you already have it in classic i can help convert it to ink or ll if you wanted


There are a lot of people who still like Classic :woman_shrugging:


True :thinking: but I think ink and ll are more in than anything


how can you do that?


Just use the same wording change the animations to the ones ink have and make the characters over its not that hard :sweat_smile:


But how do I convert the whole story? Like change the version or something…


You just have to do it by hand copy and paste everything to a different story use the same title just say in ink or LL and then change little things


oh… I thought you meant a different way. yeah I can’t do that because for some reason, my account glitched I think. And I can’t delete like 6 stories that I made. So I’m using them to make my stories…