Can I do this without getting in trouble?

Will I get in trouble if I use a celebrity in a cover art for a story?
It’s not a full face picture it’s just- I can’t explain it, here’s the picture instead

Will I get in trouble with Episode since you can’t write about celebrities and the cover has a celebrity?

I really have no idea. If you upload the photo to the portal it’ll tell you if you can use it or not. But if you can’t use it, there are plenty of artists on the forums who’d be willing to make cover art for you!

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No problem!

I mean, you wouldn’t get in trouble…

But if they realise that any part of the background isn’t yours, they’re likely to reject it when you’re trying to put it into your story. You do tick saying it’s original content, after all!

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In the Content Guidelines, it states that “No celebrity images or illustrated likenesses are allowed on backgrounds, overlays or story cards.” This most likely extends to covers as well, but like Penny2 suggested, go ahead and submit it for review. The review team will know whether or no it’s allowed. :wink: