Can I do this...?

Hey there, I just wanted to pop in and ask if you know about the “istock website” it is said to be
“When you download a photo on iStock, you’re purchasing a royalty-free license that gives you the rights to use that photo in a wide variety of uses, including: advertising, publishing, websites, blogs and presentations.”

So I just wanted to know if I buy the photos from istock with my money can I use it for episode backgrounds and overlays? (In my understanding, it shouldn’t be an issue since its almost the same as using unsplash/ pexels right? but this time with money…?)

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Yup, if you purchase them, then you should be able to use them for your episode backgrounds/overlays.

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Yes you can. Some people might ask proof of the purchase so just make sure you keep all of that documented as well.

Make sure you read some of the licensing as well.

Some of them might say you can’t resell their image.
Like if draw something for someone and use one of those backgrounds you wouldn’t be able to do that even though you paid for it. So just make sure to read those guidelines as well.


It is but different policy. So yes, you have to buy them before using.