Can I enter the summer contest if my choices are not gem choices?

I have 3 episodes and I have choices on them but they are not gem choices…can i still enter the contest??

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You can! You only need to have gem choices if you are planning on competing for the commission prize, if not, you can still enter!


do you know what the commission prize is?

I think that it is an opportunity to be commissioned to write a story for Episode that you may be able to make money off of, but I am not certain.


Oh ok i see im not really interested in that lol…so it needs to be at least 2 choices every episode to be able to enter right? sorry if im asking too much this is my first story ever

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You should never be ashamed of asking questions!


(: Here is the contest information if you haven’t already looked:


  • Title Requirement : “SC: TITLE HERE.”
  • Genre : Any
  • Chapter Length : 3
  • Gem Choices : 2 per chapter (only required if you’re going for the Commission Prize)
  • Image Submission Deadline : July 9, 2024
  • Story Submission Deadline : Saturday, July 13, 2024 4:59 PM

Google Form: Submission Form
Contact: support ticket

Entering A Contest

If a contest is currently taking place it will be mentioned in the

⁠🚨official-news channel and an Event will be shown in the Events section of Discord. Keep an eye out for future contest announcements! Below is a general guide on how to participate in Episode Interactive Contests.

  • We love to see diverse characters in your stories! For example, characters who are people of color, non-heteronormative, or are of varying religions and socioeconomic backgrounds, just to name a few!
  • You may NOT use or re-title a previously published story. This must be a new, original work not previously been published to Episode or other platforms. Sequels, prequels, spin-offs, etc. are also not allowed.
  • If you are an official Episode Director or Commissioned Author, you may enter the contest, but only with original work created outside the scope of your contract with us.
  • Be sure that your story follows our content guidelines. Stories that do not follow or which violate our Content Guidelines may be disqualified and/or have their story removed from the app. If you have any doubts or questions about whether elements or themes of your story fit with our Content Guidelines please contact the Episode Review team here.

Remember to allow at least 3 business days prior to the contest deadline for your backgrounds, overlays and story cards to be reviewed. Please be aware that our team will not answer any questions regarding specific plot points and whether they meet the requirements of the contest.

Story Requirements

  • There is a length requirement for this contest. You need to have the required number of chapters published by the entry deadline. Your story may be a complete short story or can be continued once the contest is over. You CAN publish new chapters during the judging period; however, you may not substantially alter or change the required number of published chapters after the deadline (other than to make minor corrections).
  • Gem choices are not required unless you are going for the prize as detailed below.

Editing During the Contest Period

Fixing typos and errors are allowed after the deadline for contest entries. This includes things like character or speech bubble placement, spelling / grammatical errors or typos. You may not: add options to your CC, change or update your cover art, change your story’s genre, add to, edit or change your story description, add additional scenes, choices, dialogue, backgrounds or overlays. When in doubt, ask Support before making any changes. Once the winner’s shelf has been made public you are free to make changes or updates to your story.

Determining Winners

Winners are determined based on the highest levels of reader engagement, rubric score and fit to contest theme. Check out our Episode Explained articles on Creator’s Contests, the Grading Rubric and Reader Retention for more info on how they all work. As well, we recommend using keywords to your advantage, to help interested readers find your story quickly!

For more information on how best to use Episode keywords, check this article out!

Contest Winners

Winners of this contest will be featured on the Winners’ Shelf in the app and get a shoutout on our social media account! Winners will be announced 3-6 weeks after the submission deadlines pass as the stories need time to gain reads in the app and for our staff to review them.

Commissions Prize

Continuing on from other contests, we will be offering authors on the winner’s shelf who meet the gem choice requirement the opportunity to enter our Commissions Program! The Commissions prize does come with a separate requirement that will affect your eligibility to win. To be eligible you must have at least 2 story-related gem choices in each of the required chapters. The gem choices included should be narrative driven and make sense based on the story.

Gem choices that meet the requirements include:

  • Bonus Content/Scenes
  • Outfits
  • Dialogue choices

Gem choices that will NOT meet the requirements include:

  • Support the Author
  • Skip the Wait
  • Topping up Points

Gem Choice Guides and Checklist Links

Gem Choice Guide
Gem Choice Checklist

Frequently Asked Questions About Contest Rules:

Can my story be a sequel to my existing story, or about my existing characters? No, your story must be a new work written for the contest. Can I enter my already published story into the contest? No, your story must be a new work written for the contest. If I never published a story with a similar idea, can I enter it into the contest? Yes, an unpublished story, even if it was written before the contest was announced, can be entered into the contest.

When is the best time to publish? Within the last 7-15 days of the contest deadline is the most optimal time. This gives you time to get everything approved, see if there are any issues and make edits, and make any major changes before you’re locked in after the deadline. Can I edit my story after the deadline? Fixing typos and errors are allowed after the deadline for contest entries. This includes things like character or speech bubble placement, spelling / grammatical errors or typos. You may not: add options to your CC, change or update your cover art, add additional scenes, choices, dialogue, backgrounds or overlays. Can I enter my story on the submission form now? Please wait to enter your story until you’ve published it! This way if you make any changes to things like the title, you don’t need to worry about or change your entry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Contest Story Plots:

In episode 1, can I show my main characters meeting in a flashback, dream sequence, etc? Yes, as long as the situation and the main characters are introduced and shown in Episode 1. Your story will not qualify if this is not shown in Episode 1. Can I have multiple characters be in the situation? Your story must focus on the main character being directly impacted by their journey. Other characters can be present, but the core idea should be the main character going on a hero’s journey, in whatever form that takes for you and your story.

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I wanna add the date can differ depending on where u live so I recommend going to the discord server and checking your self

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True! I don’t know why they didn’t link it to the timeanddate converter for timezones like they did with previous contests so I made one here (hope it works).

Edit: I didn’t realize that on Discord the time and date in their post was different for everyone depending on their timezone already because they normally announce it using Pacific Time so that’s what I thought it was. I’ve adjusted the event! It should be accurate now.


I keep seeing different versions of this- some versions have a romance requirement, others don’t. A part of me keeps wondering if I would really be kicked out if I didn’t have two love interests in the first Episode.

There is no set genre requirement so romance does not need to be the genre and after combing through the contest information and guide, I don’t see anything that states that romance is a requirement or needs to be a main driver and the “main characters” are only mentioned as just that - main characters, not that they need to be romantically involved.
What is required is a hero’s journey (whether that’s big or small, modern or historical etc) which directly impacts the main character.

Good call putting your mains in Episode 1 because they definitely need to be shown in the first chapter: