Can I get a bit of help with coding? :)

So I am trying to get back into episode writing and I am writing a story about loving again after a love triangle breaks apart.

Part of this is also that I am letting the reader pick their preferred love interests gender, (male or female) along with allowing them to customise their love interest?

Is anyone able to help me code it so that after the reader selects the love interests gender, THAT love interest shows up and is customised?

Current Script


&AUTHOR stands screen center
@zoom on 138 348 to 168% in 0
music casual_conversation_music_loop

@transition fade in black in 0.3

@speechbubble is 138 264 to 79% with tail_top_right
AUTHOR (talk_handsopen_happy_loop)
Hello dear readers, I just wanted to personally thank you for reading ‘Lovers Redemption’

    AUTHOR (talk_handsonhips_neutral)
I am also here to give you a couple choices before we get into the story.

    AUTHOR (talk_think_neutral)
These choices will be your love interests preferred gender along with Customising your bae.

&AUTHOR is kiss_blow_happy_atcamera

Who would you like to date?

choice “A woman” {

gain WOMAN

    AUTHOR (talk_whisper_unsure)
Good choice! Looks like you'll get to meet Portia.

} “A man” {

gain MAN
AUTHOR (talk_whisper_unsure)
Good choice! Looks like you’ll get to meet Porter.


Love interest

Porter & Portia

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Update. ^ I used dara’s template that elizaauthor gave me.

But I now have an error with a goto

You can’t have a goto command right after a label command, you’ll have to put in something like a pause between them.

Ah thankyou!

hey do you know how to make a looping scene ? because i trying to make one and i really need help

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Label Loopstart


goto Loopstart

I think

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You could check out Dara Amarie’s website for looping overlays:
Looping Your Own Background

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thank you so much

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thank you

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