Can I get an art cover?


I’ll give credit to whoever makes it.

Skin : Olive
Eye color: blue gentle almond
face:chissled squared
Nose: button
eyebrows thick tappered
hair: slick back fawn
lips: uneven taupe
I’ll message the details!!!


I can!


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I can


Episode.Sunset can! @Hialexhi @ThereISNoregrets what are the deets?


Please let us know here :slight_smile:


I could have it done tomorrow or Tuesday!


Also I can do it now :slight_smile: (we are all members of the group)


Yep happy to do it


My work ( I’m a member of epi.sunset)


I want him to be standing with an angry face, with half of his regular face and half of his face as a skull with a black hood on.


I’ll try my best :slight_smile:


Could I have him in a picture ?


Yeah :slight_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Story name please?


Her secrets , his sins


Thanks almost done :slight_smile:


Episode harmony can

And she’s on the team btw


Can you make this one @Epy.raven