Can i get an art scene

Can someone make me an art scene

I can do depending on how hard it is.

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Can i get callajuan looking at Meridah with his arms crossed but he is not angry and Meridah with
a tattoo on her neck that says" I’m sorry" and she has freckles and she is nervous and callajaun has tattoos his arms and a eyebrow ring


but not with these poses in the picture and they are on the sidewalk at night

I hope this isn’t hard for you if it is you don’t have to do it

I can give it a shot

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I need a description of the characters looks

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I will try. But I need the characters in the correct pose. And their deets.

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skin: taupe
eyes: gentle almond (green)
mouth: uneven
hair; spiked up (cayanne)
nose; button
headshape; defined triangle
extra ; eyebrow piercing tattoo on both arms


skin; olive
Hair; long curly(auburn)
eyes;round luxe (toffee)
mouth; full round(taupe)
Headshape; soft heart
extra; a few freckles on face, tattoo on neck in cursive “i’m sorry”

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background; sidewalk episode

Alright thank you. It will be done soon.

Thank you :smile:

Do you you want then facing each other or apart. Where they both face right.

facing eachother

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I may need some in the future I will ask you then and thank you :grin:

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I can do it
Put requests on my thread