Can I get and artist for my small cover (LimeLight)

or someone can make it

If possible

Heeeey @sayykim :smiley:

What are you looking for in a small cover? Any details or requests? :thinking:

I can give you the characters info

Feel free to leave the details below so other members can help :smiley:

you’ll need to put the story style (ink, classic, or limelight), how many characters at least <33

My bad about that lol

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Is a girl
Skin: Neutral 02
Brow and Brow color: Arched Natural and color is deep Brown
Hair and Hair color: Long straight loose solid and color is Brunette Brown
Mouth and Lip color: Full wide and color is Pink peach medium gloss
Face: Heart soft
Nose: round button
Eyes and Eye color : Monolid Slender Blue deep

here’s the outfit

Quilted Pattern Panelling Belted Open Jacket Leather Grey Black

Water Proof Black Pants Leather Grey Cool

Triangle Long Earrings Metal Silver

Lace Sleeveless Undershirt Satin Yellow Cream

Lace Cape Stiletto Heels Leather Grey Neutral Warm

Freckles Heavy (08-10)

Collared Heart Necklace Metal Silver

Prayer Beads Bracelet Wood Carved Brown

got the details

quick question how do you use reader message, I totally forgotten

Hey, I can do an edited cover for you

Here's an example of what I can do

If you want me to do it, I need these details:

Author name:
Story Title:
What kind of background do you want? (if you have a picture you can send it to me)
What pose do you want your character to be in?

pose: idle_sad_timid_loop

Story title: Your Fault

Author Name: Kim Rigsby


Is this ok?

Also, please credit me if you use it (with my forum name) :smile:

Thank you alot
I will

Np :two_hearts: