Can I get art help? Or background help?

Okay so I have this scene in my story where there is this mystery guy and the main characters are trying to figure out who he is they find a picture and I would like to know how I should do that scene, should I make it art or does anyone have a background for a picture? If art and you want to do it send me a message and I will send you all the details <3 thanks in advance.

I would say do art like are you talking about in episodes when they say screen shot this and the characters are posing in a frame like a selfie

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Yeah when they have like a piece of paper in a characters hand with people on it (as if its a picture) sorry if that’s confusing.

Ye so I can actually try and make that if i need or you can find someone else

There is actually a background in epsidoe catalog of a hand and a phone used for messages would you want something like that but picture frame and ur characters

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thank you so much! <3 I will send you character details in a message.

Don’t worry about it I’m bored anyway and yep send them in my messages

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I can NOT find it anywhere lol

Ye that’s ok I can draw a hand and frame anyway