Can I get feedback on my story covers?

So, I really want some opinions on whether these covers look good enough for my story…
(I made these for this story idea I came up with and really wanted feedback)


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I would recommend a more realistic background. The weird grain screen looks strange to me. You could also change the font maybe? To a more fitting font, like a more serif font and then a calligraphy? Other than that it’s pretty good, for not knowing about the storming.


The characters are also kinda unorganized in the larger cover… maybe place them in more organized places?


So, the first one looks good. Though the seond one shouldn’t be the same background because like @MelanieyM said, it looks weird.



Ok, I tried to make them organized, the main character is in gold, BFF and LI are left bottom corner, MC’s parents in top right corner and bottom right in cousins.


Yeah, now I just recommend to use a different background

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