Can I get my script to remember what the reader chose?

I know this title is confusing, haha…:crazy_face:

Basically, in my story, the reader gets to choose who they end up with…so it’s like a choice. After the reader makes their choice, can the script remember who they chose throughout the episodes? Is there some sort of code for that? I’ve watched every Joseph Evans tutorial, haha, but i couldn’t seem to find this one. If anyone knows, it would help big time! Thankss!! :two_hearts:


You can use the if/else/elif commands. You can check @Dara.Amarie guide on that command.

The link is:


oh, I saw that…But my problem is that one person the reader chose is supposed to leave the story…will the script remember who was chosen, or do I have to replace the names?

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I understand what you mean and I learnt how to do it but I completely forgot! I am so sorry! But how I learnt to do it was under one of Joseph Evan’s Youtube vids. Someone had commented how to do it.


Oh thankss! I’ll go look for a tutorial again!!

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The guide @alwaysanisa is what you need to use to remember what your reader chose.


Oh thanks!! I just wasn’t sure…I’m new to writing on Episode as you can probably tell…haha

Oh wait I thought they posted the link to my guide, but it’s just the main link to my website

Here is the guide



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I’m sorry to bug you guys again :c

But my script is showing an error…Did I do something wrong?

Here’s the end of an episode…

…And here’s the start of the new one.

Is there something I did wrong?

Again, so sorry!!

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Delete line 12. Can’t skip an entire line between an end bracket and the next condition.

Also “else” shouldn’t have anything next to it. Needs to be by itself

} else {

You also need quotation marks around Jeremy in the if part


Perfect! This really does help so much, thank you!


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