Can I get my story off the air?


Hey guys, I wrote a story a while ago, but I’m not happy with it any more. There are some details that need changing and it’s in a classic mode and I can’t work in that style anymore because testing is just so hard. So I’ve decided to rewrite it in limelight and improve it with music and stuff.
So does anyone know how I can get it off?


In the app, under your stories, there is a three dot icon. Once you click on it, it offers to hide your story, so no one can see it, even if it is in their favorites. You should be able to un publish when your in the creators area the same way you published.


There is no way to delete or unpublish your story once it’s been published. The only thing you can do is hide it from your profile in the app (but readers will still be able to search up your story). To do this go to your Episode profile and tap on the eye icon on the top right corner of your story’s cover.


I figured it out. Just in case somebody needs it.
You have to write to tech support and they do it for you