Can i get some help fast

Umm yeah that code is wrong but I can’t tell you what’s wrong because I don’t know what you’re trying to do?

Im trying to make it remember the room they chosed before

Oh okay so you need to put a variable on the original choice for example:
choice (variable)
“One” {

} “Two” {

} “Three” {


And then when it comes to remembering you do:

if (variable is “One”) {

} elif (variable is “Two”) {

} else {


Something like this:

}”No, I want to go try on the others!”{

goto dressing_game3



if (Blue) {

Scene for Blue gain choice.

} elif (Pink) {

Scene for Pink gain choice.

} else {

Scene for remaining gain choice.


Ok… Thx

Im sorry, but can i get help again

This is happening now

@JemU776 and @cakepie99999

Avery (talk_afraid)
Ok, now I just feel alone…

if (ROOM is “Dots”){

Scene for room with dots goes here.

}elif (ROOM is “Pink”){

Scene for pink room goes here.


Scene for blue room goes here.


@pause for 0

I see the problem

Get rid of that curly bracket.

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