Can I get something to read here?!


Tell me what you sugggest me reading

I like limelight!


Any particular genre?


try reading Beyond a Reasonable Doubt or Cetrinda, they are both wonderful stories :blush:




or try reading Elise’s story, Maternal Instincts



If you like romance/drama:
Not Your Ex by Pippi

Something a little different:
Spotlight: Borderline by Echo Dunkelstrom
Telvoikai by Vaena

I’ll update if I think of more :slight_smile: Despite writing in LL, I apparently don’t read many LL stories lol

@Sho Thanks! :smiley:


I have :sweat_smile:




Thank you so much!!!


My story duh :joy::joy:.

So the name is: If You Wait - Limelight
Writer name: Venise

Plot: Hazel lives an ordinary life in California with her family, until she was caught up by her past after a mysterious encounter and discovers that she was kidnapped. Custom Characters.

There are 4 published episodes for now and ep from 5 to 8 are coming soon (I’m writing them).