Can i get this room empty and a sheet overlay for it

Can someone make this room unpacked and make a sheet overlay with the bed ASAP

Oh and can you make the computer an overlay too

Hi I just did this of the computer for you. Don’t know if this is what you meant but here you go any way.

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Thank u, can you clear the bedroom but not the furnitures

Can I get the chair overlay

I can try but I can’t promise it will be any good


Here is the chair as an overlay

Thank you

Can I get a sheet overlay too please

I can do the sheet overlay but I tried to do the room without all the stuff in but I am not skilled enough for that sorry.

Ok do the sheet overlay

Here is the sheet overlay.
I made the second one look like there is someone underneath it.

Thank you

Can you cut out the desk and can i get a desk overlay that fit it

Can I use these please?
EDIT: Also how do I credit?

Yes you can use it, no need to credit.

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Thanks so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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