Can I give two choices the same name in a chapter?

I want to allow readers to skip a chapter if I’ve made changes to it and caused them to re-read it. Problem is, some of my chapters have choices that matter.

I was thinking that I could ask them again what their choices were, but if I do this, can I give these choices the same name as the choices that appear in the story?


Say there is a choice in Chapter 3 where you can kiss the LI or not. The choice has been named “Kiss”. This choice is remembered for the next chapter.

If I include this choice in the Chapter 3 skip menu, for example by asking, “Did you kiss the LI?”, can I also name this choice “Kiss” so that I don’t need to make changes to the coding in the next chapter?


Yes, I did the same in my story and it worked.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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