Can I have people’s characters for edits on my ig


Please send your character below and when I post on my ig I will tag you with the art so please say your ig name with the character


Name: Emma
Skin Tone: Light
Hair Style: Long Feathered
Hair Color: Blonde
Mouth Shape: Blossom Lips
Mouth Color: Bubblegum Pink
Eye Shape: Slender Natural
Eye Color: Blue
Nose Shape: Pointed
Eyebrow Shape: Mature Round
Face Shape: Round
Preferred Outfit Type: Basic Tee (Cherry Red), Moon Necklace, Gold Biker Jacket, Rectangular Glasses, Dark Denim Jeans, Calf Boots Black
Instagram: @halochild.episode


Insta: Art_episode


Thank you with that knife it’ll have to be a bad ass killer :joy::joy:


Do you have a picture for reference as my iPad Is lagy with making characters


ig- thissucks_2306.epi

Face Shape- Oval
Hair - Beachwaves (Black)
Eyes- Upturned Bold (Green)
Sin- Olive
Mouth- Blossom Lips(any colour preferably purple)
Nose- pointed


Not to be picky bur do you have a picture of her for reference sweetie :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


I could make one but then it’d be limelight


Just curious but what do you use to edit on your ipad?



Is limelight okay?






I can give you a male!


Just in case you want to practice on a male here is mine!

Body: Mocha
Brow: Thin Arch (Black)
Hair: Shaved Sides (Black )
Eyes: Gentle Almond (Brown)
Face: Diamond
Nose: Hooked Nose
Lips: Full Tapered






Or do you need INK I have a INK one Also


THank you


Yes please