Can I have some help


_So I’ve recently _downloaded episode but it’s taking very long to load and I’ve tried to Uninstall it and installed it back it does the same thing…it takes long to load __


maybe it’s because of a bad wifi connection


yeah, that happens l: your choices are:
A) wait for a while and see if it loads or
B) go to home, double press home button, swipe Episode up, press home again, turn off wifi, go on Episode,
it will say it can’t load but really it loads faster so wait for it to get past beige dress lady then turn on your wifi


If that doesn’t work, I dunno what will. Turning your device off and back on?


I’ve checked it’s good


Nope dosent work


well… I don’t know what to tell ya.:disappointed:


Thnx for the advice anyway


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