Can I have some opinions on my story cover?

Which one do you prefer ? And any constructive criticism would be helpful aswell but please be nice ! :grin: this is my first ever time making a cover so I know it isn’t the best :heartpulse:


First off, they’re both gorgeous! But I think the first title is more sophisticated and works quite well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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okay thank you, I was trying to decide between the two fonts as its a vampire love story and maybe the second one would go with it but I kinda see where your coming from with the first one :blush:

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They’re both really cute though! Let me know when you publish the story. :grin:

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will do, but it will probably take me for ages as I’m a perfectionist and want to make everything perfect :blush:
I started another story a couple of months ago but then realised it wasn’t very good but I spent over a month and a half just on the first episode! I need to be a bit more layed back with these kind of things :slightly_smiling_face:

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I relate to that! :sweat_smile::blush:

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The first one. But if you added like two tone white into red I think the second one would be good to!

im not completely sure what you mean for two tone white into red or am I just being dumb :joy:

I agree I like the first one the best!

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Its ok I’ll show you!

also because of the male being a vampire are the fangs visible that I have drawn on him ? I tried drawing abs on him aswell but it didn’t turn out very good :joy: I can draw on paper but can’t draw on an iPad/phone :joy:

I like the first one better, but I have a suggestion for future works: Try to get the most of your character’s borderline (The black line, just to be clear.). I know it can be kind of difficult sometimes, but it’s nice to look at. Well you don’t really have this kind of problem with LL or Classic, tho.

thank you so much :joy:

I didn’t like the white with the red it did not show what I was trying to say very well so I put black but this is what I meant by it lol sorry! :slight_smile:

thats alright :blush: Im not sure how I feel about that look for my cover but I’m sure it would look great on other thing :slightly_smiling_face:

No understand. lol I get it but I love the first one out of these to! :slight_smile:

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I will keep that in mind, thank you :blush:

would you also be able to tell he is a vampire because I don’t think his fangs are that visible :laughing: sorry I’m being so annoying just worried they aren’t very good lol

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They were one of the first things I noticed so yes, they are visible. :slightly_smiling_face:


oh okay thats good, thank you so much for your help :blush:

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