Can I have somebody's assistance?

I’m a beginner and I have been spending the last 15 minutes trying to fix this AND I CAN’T.
I’m trying to get Justin to sit next to adrianna on the bed but instead he keeps ending up enlarged. Can somebody help me fix this?

Image Of Problem

Properly because he talk before the spot directing.

and are you sure you put them in the right spot

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so he has to speak before sitting?

No i mean the spot directing comes after his animation. which btw is a talk sit animation

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OHHHHH THANKS i understand

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but it still wont work?

it still wont work

are you sure the spot directing is correct have you tried to redo it

also just a tip you need to spot first . then the way they face. and then the animation. or else they are just gonna turn the wrong way.

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This is probably not the correct topic where I can ask this, but here I go!:upside_down_face:
I’d be really grateful if someone could make me a custom template with just the shape of the mouth and eye color only.

. Limelight, Male C.
. With the remember choice, I guess? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::thinking:
It’s kind of urgent, BUT if someone cannot do it, don’t worry!:relieved:

One more time, thank you!:blush:

You should properly make your own forum to ask about.

Okay! :sweat_smile:

Thank you! :blush:

You can also ask your question on this thread: "Stupid" questions that never get answered? Get The Help Here!

Edit: I see you already got a custom template made, awesome :blob_sun:

Oh, Okay!:sweat_smile:
Thank you so much for helping me too! :hugs:

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