Can I hide a Character's Name?

Can I hide a character’s name by using the If/else method?

I noticed that when using inputs, you can use the if/else method to keep a specific code as is.

input Enter 4 digit code. | Enter 4 digit code. | Activate! (CODE)

If (CODE is “####”){
goto try_again!

What if I don’t put the input code in, but use the if/else code to mask names? Is it possible? Should I try it?

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You can try it, but you’ll have to make a character and erase their name from the display section.

Are you trying to make a mini game where they have to guess a name?

No. I’m trying to hide the characters’ names until the reader sees them again later. I hadn’t wanted to soil any surprises. Originally, I wanted to mask the name as something else, like “The black hair guy” before the character’s real name appeared.

However, I was trying to find an easier way to do that without inputs or creating the same character. I ended up making a new character instead.

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That’s what I have done. Had a character code named NAMELESS and their name edited out. Identical otherwise, and easily swapped out with spotting. :slight_smile:

Yea! I honestly didn’t want to make a new character though. It make me wonder if it’s even possible.

I wonder what the actual command is inside that input box. :thinking: The code inside the code so to speak.

I’ve never tried manually changing a character’s name. I have actually accidentally changed a character’s name via choice. That doesn’t really help you, though, lol.

(I accidentally named the choice the character’s name, and it changed their name to the choice description chosen lmao. Comical, but not helpful for your request.)

Actually it might be. It will give the reader the ability to provide a temporary name based off the first impression. Do you remember what you did?

Yes. The character name was the same as the choice name. So.

choice (CHARACTER)


Their name later showed up as “ONE”.

It was entirely accidental and their name clipped off it was so long, lol. Let me know if it works! I haven’t had a reason to try it again, but I’ve been meaning to test it. Also not sure if it would work a second time. So their name may be stuck that way unless you do it again or… input maybe? Dunno, but I’m very curious to see if it works out. :slight_smile:

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XD thank you. I’ll try it and see what happens.

I don’t know if this is helpful but I just created the character with a script name but left the character name blank and that seemed to do the trick.

As good as the idea is, I would need the name to pop back up later. Thank you still.

Oh ok! Then that’s when you would substitute it for another character that’s identical and put the character who shows the name in the script. I actually did that with Luke in my secret agent story.

I created two of him and then just switched it out to where one name showed and another didn’t.

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Yea. I made an identical character called, Red Hair Realtor. I guess I am trying to figure out other alternative than making extra characters.

So sorry. I realized you already answered that. Sorry I don’t know the answer but that’s an excellent question!

lol you don’t need to apologize. It’s not like you had done something wrong. :grin:
It is a very hard question. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: