Can I lock Epi 3 for the thriller contest?

School is starting and my my new school is strict! So is my mom: Plus I have to finish my other story. Can i lock the third episode?

People who might know the answer:

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Lock the episode? What do you mean?


She means no one can read it

The lock:
That code where people can’t read your episode because you’re in revamp


I don’t believe you can lock episodes.
You can hide it!
I would just wait and finish episode 3


You can lock Episodes

I did it once

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My school starts in 2 Days!

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Good advice thanks!

in case someone hasn’t given you the code yet . . .

label loop_neither_1

This Episode is not Ready Yet. Check Back soon.

goto loop_neither_1

Do you mean you’re only going to have two readable episodes by the deadline?
You can’t do this- you need to have at least 3 published (and readable episodes) by the deadline and the story needs to be complete.
If you’re publishing before the deadline, you can temporarily “lock” the third episode but it would need to be unlocked by the deadline.