Can I mess up Character Points when I update a chapter?

Can you update a previous episode or will that mess up the points the reader has earned throughout the story? So lets say I’m fixing episode 3 and the reader is on episode 7-- will that mess up the number of points they’ve collected across all chapters??

(I am not adding or subtracting points, I’m fixing a typo I noticed :weary: )

I don’t think so… I think it only matters if the reader has to reread that chapter so if you put a skip option you may want to put a couple choices of what they previously chose for that chapter. I could be completely wrong though :sweat_smile: I’m not entirely sure

If a reader is on chapter seven, and you edit chapter three, their points won’t be affected. However, anyone who is on chapter three and decides to re-read will have the opportunity to click those choices and earn those points again.

Solution: so the dress up game i got from dara is coded to use “MC=3” so when i gave away points i gave them to the MC. So yeah… lol. I messed it up.

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