Can I not make a gif from my story and then put it back in my story?

I’m trying to put a seen in my story where something weird happens and the fairies are like “no that can’t happen.” REWIND. I recorded the seen and made a gif out of the REWIND part. I split the gif into frames and put in a few just to see if it would work. The overlay is transparent even after I changed the opacity to 1. Did I make a mistake, or is this just a precaution episode takes to ensure nobody steals anybody else’s story footage? Is there something I could do differently, or does anyone have any ideas of what I could do instead of making a gif? Thanks! :blush:

I think the problem is because the portal mistaken your overlay name as the character name. As you can see in @overlay CARMEN SPITS 00, CARMEN is bolded. Try changing your overlay names or put an _ like this CARMEN_SPITS_00 and so on.


I will try that! Thank you!! :heart:

It worked! Thanks so much

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