Can I please get some help


MAX (admire_happy) (blush_shy) why is it saying error I dont undrestand that what is wromg


you cant do two animations at once


If your character is talking you can do,
MAX (admire_happy)
But only a speech bubble at a time.

If they are not talking it’s
@MAX is admire_happy
@MAX is blush_shy


thanks…but it still dont work


Can you show what did you wrote?
Like the full thing , maybe that way I can help you :sparkling_heart:


thanks the second one help me


on my second line i have this… @WILLIAM (punch_fight_give_angry)
and it says is not a vaild directing comand



When you want a character to speak with animation You write this:

WILLIAM (talk_agree_happy)
I’m so happy

When you want a character to make an action you write this:

@WILLIAM is punch_fight_give_angry

I hope it helps :sparkling_heart:


thanks alot i was so mad that i couldn’t find that out


It’s okay I’m glad I could help :smiley: :sparkling_heart:


now this messege is showing not a vaild directing comand
@MAX (talk_angry) what was that for!


you have to put the diolage when they talk below the animation and persom


When the character talks you cannot use @


and also try this
MAX (talk_angry)
What Was That For!?


thank you both your help mean alot to me!!! :hugs:


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