Can I practice an outline of anyone's character?


np it’s the truth!:heart:


This art is everything, thank you so much!!! I wrote under this picture in IG!

Thanks to did me this beautiful drawing! :slight_smile:




Hello everyone! My videos for IG will be up very soon!
Follow me on IG to see when I post my videos! :slight_smile:️:heart:️


:slight_smile:️:two_hearts: If you have IG let me know so I can tag you :heart:


Thank you so much!! :heart::blush:




Hello everyone!

My Instagram story is officially up for the first time ever!!! :hushed:

A lot of you request “drawing videos” so I advise you to vote so you don’t miss out :slight_smile:

Also, I may have accidentally used two polls on one slide, my apologies. :disappointed:

That’s all for now, go vote :wink:


Hi Katie! Can I call you Katie? I’m putting the finishing touches on your request and it’ll be up very soon. If you have IG let me know so I can tag you :slight_smile:


@Katiekate :blush::two_hearts:


Hello @FreakyEvilMargs :slight_smile:

I’m still in need of your face shape and brow shape :blush:


It’s Kate and sure you can call me that! It looks amazing!!! Thank you so much! My Instagram is @Katiekate.episode x


Oh, okay! I’ll get that.




Hellooooo, I’m starting your request :slight_smile:️:two_hearts:

You have two faces listed, which one would you prefer :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, I am in need of your lips and lipstick :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have IG let me know so I can tag you when it’s finished :heart:


Hello Marie, can I call you Marie? I’m beginning your request :slight_smile:️:two_hearts:

If you have IG let me know so I can tag you once it’s finished :heart:


Of course you can call me Marie :slightly_smiling_face: Everyone calls me like that. Thanks for beginning my request. I’m looking forward to see the result :smile: Your art is amazing! And I don’t have Instagram btw.




Ah, sorry to bother again, but recently I’ve been drawing clothing. Would you like your shirt in the picture or would you just like the traditional model that I usually draw? :slightly_smiling_face:


No, you can draw the shirt too.