Can I publish a "locked" chapter to try and get into payments? Or is that against the rules somewhere?

I’m sitting at like 93k reads in 60 days, and I just need to bump it a little bit before the 5th of the month. Because my story was on the shelf on the 5th of February, so that’s when it started getting most of its reads. I’m already writing until like 3AM, lol, and I could probably update one chapter, but I don’t feel comfortable updating the one after… it just doesn’t feel quite complete to me :sweat_smile:

Can I publish it locked? Like, put a gem choice to max out points in the beginning, and lock the rest? Would that count as a gem chapter read? And if so, is this allowed or not? Lol I don’t want to break any rules

I don’t know if it is against the rules or not if I’m honest, but you may get some backlash from readers. If you release the episode with a gem choice and then a locked episode, then some people may feel ripped off for wasting a pass and only having made a gem choice. You will also have to make sure that the gem choice is remembered, given once you edit the episode to unlock it, people will have to then restart that episode.
All in all, it may prove counter productive, and I’m not sure it would be your best chance if it proves to be allowed.
You may have better luck with shoutouts from some members of the community who have begun sharing stories close to breaking the payment wall.


Who is currently doing shoutouts, if I may ask?

Nooooot a clue! But there were some doing shoutouts for their Instagram followers recently. I won’t name their names as I don’t want them spammed with new followers only wanting shoutouts.
If you check on the announcement threads regarding payment programmes and gems etc, you’ll probably find some people who are doing them.
You can also post about it yourself, or even comment in the payment programme threads if you remain on topic.