Can I pull this off? (Please help lol)

Ok I want to add dance numbers to my story I wanted to know if I can make a scene just like in these musical # but a bit different

So here’s my favorite movies the scenes I want in my story but a bit different


First one is with my idol Fred Astaire
I’d like to Know if I can replicate the girls and boys running around the bar
And standing behind the bar while my characters dance

@ 1:47 I wanted to know if there’s any animation for me to use to get my characters to replicate the sailors movement and when they lift Debbie in the air?

I desperately need this one lol
I need to replicate when the girls are getting changes behind that curtain lol

1:03 when Debbie, Marge and helen are dancing in the pink yellow and green thing any way I can shade out two characters while one light shines on one person

I’d like to replicate the shower scenes at 1:14 :slight_smile:

Last one
I want to replicate this awesome skate scene :joy::joy::joy: it might be impossible lol

Ok here are some suggestions


More 1930s,1940s,1950s,1960s,1970s,80s,90s clothes not a stereotype either

More 1920s to 1990s music :slight_smile:

More dance animations
Like tap dancing
Bubble dancing
Break dancing
Country dancing
etc lol


Also if you can suggest animations that replicate the dance moves in the picture I’d be so happy thank you

I’m literally dieing lol pls help

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