Can I read your mind? Mini game feedback

I need some testers for a mini game (it involves maths) sorry lol
I’ve tested it myself and it seems to work. I will make it more exciting (looks wise)
but before I do that I need to know

  1. if it works for you guys
  2. if you understand the instructions

I think that’s all…

I’ll check it out

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It worked for meee

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I understand it, but I think it would be helpful with the visuals

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It worked 1/3 times.

The instructions were alright to follow.

The subtraction and the result are not directly related hence there isn’t a 100% success rate.

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Thanks for the feedback can I ask what you mean by this as I don’t understand. Thanks

Thank you Xx

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There isn’t a 100% success rate (it doesn’t work all the time), because this mini-game isn’t directly correlated with mathematics.

The directions is fairly simple to follow; however, they could be clearer. For example, for someone who doesn’t understand English well.

I see thanks :slight_smile:

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