Can i still preview my story after its published?

so i recently published a story on the app and im working on the new episode right now. can i still see the “preview” of it on the app like i use to be able to ? and send the link to my friends to preview it too ?

how would i preview it on the app? and where’s the link to share with friends ?

donacode ?

Donacode is the [programming/coding] language we right it.

You need to to to your script to preview, on the computer. The preview button is near the top right of the page

oooh that button. no i was talking about how before you published the story, you could go on the app and just go to your story on your profile and preview. same thing for friends, when i sent the link to my friends, they’d press on it and it would send them a link to preview it with the navigation button and all of that. but not with the new link at the bottom. that one just send them to the actual story.

i hope all that made sense

You want to send the story without the navigation? I think they have to wait till it’s published. But not sure

no i want to send the story with the navagation but idk if thats still possible now that its published

Ah. As far as I know, you can’t unfortunately.

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